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Buy Pearl Jewellery

Each pearl type has its own pricing tiers, and much like diamonds, you can expect prices to increase exponentially with every millimeter size increase. The price difference between a 7.0-7.5mm Akoya pearl necklace, and a 9.0-9.5mm size is quite large.

buy pearl jewellery


Larger pearls require much more time acquiring thicker nacre layers in the host oyster, and the amount of risk, time and labor that goes into culturing a single 15.0mm fine quality South Sea pearl (for example) is quite a lot ... uses the A-AAA Grading Scale, which is a simple and straight forward grading system based upon specific percentages for attributes like surface blemishing, luster rating (the sharpness of reflections), color/overtone and shape, among others. The A-AAA scale is used most commonly with Akoya and Freshwater pearls, but also converts easily from the Tahitian and South Sea grading scales.

The deeper and more intense the luster is, the more valuable the pearl. Look for pearls that display reflected light sources as crisp, clean and delineated, with only slight blurring around the edges.

You should also be able to recognize some of your facial features reflected in the surface of the pearl. AAA quality pearls feature the best luster, AA+ quality pearls should have Very High luster and so on.

While Mikimoto definitely does carry beautiful quality pearls, doing a little bit of homework can save you THOUSANDS by avoiding the high premiums charged by luxury brands without sacrificing quality.

Pearls are the only precious gems that fall into the fine jewellery category that also includes diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire. Gemstones such as amethyst, opal and topaz are semi-precious and do not have high intrinsic value.

There are very few things that have the same sentimental value as jewellery. Thoughtful gifts have the power of bringing families and friends closer. A piece of fine jewellery shows love and appreciation like no other. It is often a great way of starting a conversation.

Majorica will carry out rethreading, clasp replacement or any other repairs not covered by the guarantee, at the fairest price, provided that the INTERNATIONAL GUARANTEE CERTIFICATE is presented, duly completed. No substantial modifications to the original design will be carried out.Coating will not be changed unless the piece already exists in this form No transformations will be made to pearl necklaces or bracelets.

Has very nice collection, and shop owner showed us all the collections. Genuine pearls with certificates. I wanted to feel and see the pearls before buying. So was correct decision.. shop owner are very friendly..

I came on a holiday to Chennai from the US. I was stunned when I came across Pure Pearls because of their exceptional quality at extremely affordable prices! So, I bought several pearl sets for myself as well as my friends back in Vegas. ?

Lagos designs imaginative jewelry that beautifully encapsulates. Stud earrings have silver and gold details that twist together to form a knot, with a pearl at its center. Drop earrings display a single pearl suspended inside a hoop. Marco Bicego handcrafts each jewelry piece into captivating silhouettes that feature their signature twisted gold coil design. Pearl earrings are made with light-colored pink and purple pearls, adding a feminine appeal to the style. Meanwhile, classic gold earrings with white pearls and diamond accents are refined and graceful.

Freya Rose jewellery is responsibly sourced and hand-made by craftspeople who have learnt their trade over generations on the beautiful island of Bali, renowned for its highly developed arts and metal working.

Gold vermeil - We use 3 microns of 22ct gold, layered on top of sterling silver to create all our gold vermeil jewellery. Six times thicker than average gold plating and more durable.

Mother of Pearl - We love the natural beauty of Mother of pearl - It is ethically sourced and a by product of the Mollusk industry. Each design is hand carved and polished to perfection. 041b061a72


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