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Bronislav Odintsov
Bronislav Odintsov

Principle-Centered Leadership Stephen R. Covey

When principle-centered, we gain four sources of strength: power, guidance, wisdom and security. This provides the foundation to build meaningful relationships, make sound decisions and gives us a sense of ownership, and over time, increased talent, success and a better self. Principle-centered leadership affects all aspects of life and brings coherence to all the different areas in which we live and breathe.

Principle-Centered Leadership Stephen R. Covey

A value-based map may provide some useful description, but the principle-centered compass provides invaluable vision and direction. An accurate map is a good management tool, but a compass set on true north principles is a leadership and empowerment tool. When pointing to true north, the needle reflects alignment with natural laws. If we are locked in to managing by maps, we will waste many resources by wandering aimlessly or by squandering opportunity.

Principle-centered leadership incorporates the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and related principles, application practices, and processes. Because principle-centered leadership focuses on fundamental principles and processes, genuine cultural transformations often transpire.

I accept the vision and mission statements of The Stephen R. Covey Leadership Center and wish to support and encourage the research, understanding, teaching, and promotion of principle-centered leadership by becoming a Covey Center Founder.


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