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A U-card is shaped like a U. The back panel covers the entire back of the cassette case. You must use cassette boxes which have no hub lock posts, otherwise the U-Cards need die-cutting or drilling to make a hole that fits over the posts.

Templates include two variations: one in which the cassette is removed from the left of the slipcase and one from the right. Details and photo examples can be found here. SLIPCASE1CASS Slipcase for 1 Norelco case PDF

At an appeal, the school will present their case for why they cannot take any extra children and why it would be bad for the school if they had to admit more children. You then present your reasons for why your child must go to this school even though it is full and why it would be bad for your child if they had to go to a different school. Try to to support your case with evidence if you can. The appeal panel listen to both cases, ask questions and then decide which case is stronger. If you are successful your child will be given a place at the school even though it is already full.

You can present whatever reasons you want at an appeal but you are unlikely to win an appeal if your case is simply that you prefer one school to another or that you think one school is better than another. You will need to set out a case that shows why your child must be at this school and only this school and why it would be bad for them if they weren't. This is not easy as most schools generally do the same the same things and most schools can support most needs. You will need to focus on your child and their particular needs. You will need to try and find evidence to support your case - this could be letters or statements from relevant people involved with your child and/or your family.

You must be given 20 school days to lodge an appeal so you have time to consider what you could include in your case. ACE produces a parent advice booklet called Appealing for a school which explains the appeals process and helps you to put your case together. This is available as a pdf download.


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