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a good virtual team needs to build trust, communicate well, and perform well. as a leader, you can set the tone for the team by modeling the qualities you want. as the team grows, its members will find their own ways to display commonality and build trust and credibility. leaders can also work with individuals to create virtual team cultures that promote good work habits.

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because of the ubiquity of smart phones, email, and social media, as well as the persistence of human frailty, virtual teams face many of the same challenges as their colocated counterparts. for example, cross-communication happens when youre both physically present and electronically present.

a human resources professional who works for a bank that contracts with a financial software company created a virtual team. over a three-month period, the team conducted six project meetings, four of which were by teleconference, and two team gatherings.

as you divide the work, consider the types of work that are best suited for virtual teams. keeping the variety high helps to foster teamwork and a comfortable, relaxed work environment. for example, a marketing team might be better off working on multiple projects rather than all working on one.

another key to building virtual teams is that they need to have a clearly defined purpose. in addition to the intangible, psychological benefits, some projects can actually require a team of people to achieve goals in a shorter time frame. having a clearly defined purpose helps to ensure that team members know what theyre working toward.


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